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Yu-Ching Chiang
Ying-Ting Shen


Yu-ching Chiang and Ying-Ting Shen reinterpret the border as an installation and participatory workshop.


Overlapping and juxtaposing found territorial maps of Taiwan and Netherlands, the act of a bordering becomes a metaphorical pathway into themes of play, marking and occupying from personal to political scale. Rendering transparency and malleability to something as solid as the hard-line edges of nation states. 


Yu-ching Chiang and Ying-Ting Shen are Taiwanese cross-disciplinary artists currently based in Rotterdam. In this exhibition, they approach the transparency of borders by re-examining “time elapsed border overlapping” 



1. A moving border is a transparent pathway


wood, soil, found objects, Arduino, 2022 


A land is being shaped constantly by external forces. Or it just like the two forces are fight to no purpose.


2. 無主之地 Free land 


Experimental Workshop /Relational art installation, fabric, plastic, 2022


An imaginary empty land that invites people to play, to occupy, to leave the mark.


In this work, artist welcome the spectators to reflect on the fact that hidden overlap from the current border lines.


There are thousands of years of history, different political entities on earth who claims the ownership of their land. But who actually own the land?and why?



  1. Pick a pen, Walking in, looking down

  1. Find your comfort zone 

  1. 7 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors 

  1. Each round, the winner move forward while drawing your territory 

  1. Pick side or make friends when two territories meet 

  1. Winner is the one has most territory.

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