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Splash Metronome 


Splash Metronome is a looped audiovisual work that creates a beat from magnets thrown into the waters of Rotterdam. The work documents a performance in which the artists visited the banks of several waterways around the city, using magnet fishing as a means to find the wilderness within the manufactured and orderly Dutch landscape. The meditative piece explores the act of diving into what is unknown, encouraging the viewer to enter a trance-like state that engages with a history of objects that were once made to disappear. The artists transform urban exploration into a musical and rhythmic activity, where water is turned from a physical obstacle into a site of possibility.





Finding the Wild (Jazmin Charalambous & Felix Mohr) are an art & architecture collective who work on interdisciplinary projects in the realm of public art. In response to predictive urban environments, they address the need for uncontrolled incidents that can deepen bodily connections to the world through performative sculptures. Fishing, foraging, walking, and feasting; their artworks are offered as experiences; as spaces and platforms for dialogue; places that can be lingered in and inhabited. Their works have been displayed as part of OSO-9, CURRENT, Stuttgart (DE), WKV Stuttgart (DE), Constant – Association for Art and Media, Bassenge/Brussels (BE), Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam (NL), POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project Viseu (PT), Land Art Brabant (NL), and Künstlerstadt Kalbe (DE).

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