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Fileona Dkhar

Portal Under Construction

(4 minute loop video over scaffolding netting) 
Scaffolding netting, a material associated with new constructions, is used as a transparent projection screen. During daylight, the projection is invisible. During nightime, the portal opens and is seen. Portals are transitional pathways, they don't always open. These projected digital portals are also only visible at night. Perhaps inaccessible if you arrive at MAMA during daytime. Mixing metaphors, the portal is under construction, the pathway is transparent.

Bureau of Transparent Rejections
(audio, 2 minutes) 
In 2050, a bot guides fellow bots into writing more transparent untransparent rejections letters to unemployables. The human is the consumer, the human is the employable, the bot is the worker. 

Fileona Dkhar is lens-based artist and researcher influenced by science fiction, nature and indigenous mythology. Her work desires, borrowing words from Trinh T. Minh-ha, to not "speak about identity" but "to

speak nearby."

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