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This project turns Showroom MAMA's space into a living science experiment. Using the windows of Showroom MAMA as large scale petri dishes, a variety of algae species collected from the surrounding area will be spread on the glass with agar agar. As the algae grows throughout the two weeks during the Cave Collective spring swap, the showroom will darken and transform. The windows will act as both entry into a micro organism’s world and windows into the CAVE of the collective. The root word of transparency is transparent while the etymology of the word transparent dates back to Medieval Latin, transpārēnt-em, < trans- prefix + pārēre to appear, be visible. As this project is alive and many factors of the space can affect the growth (with the potential of failure of blooming), the future transformation could be minor or massive.

Anh Dao is an artist and film technician from the west coast of Canada and recent graduate from the Piet Zwart Institute. Currently based in Rotterdam, NL.

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